Our Experienced Civil Engineering Company Designs Projects from Florida to Texas

Our Mission

Our expertise of 20 years in civil engineering provides our clients unique insight and know-how to handle planning, design, permitting and construction administration services. H & T Consultants, Inc. and our knowledgeable staff have an outstanding reputation in providing high quality engineering work and value-added service offerings to commercial, industrial, office, institutional and residential clients.

Our clients turn to us to utilize our civil engineering resources to uncover challenges and unforeseen issues experienced with land development and civil engineering matters. Our engineers are experienced in providing all aspects of civil engineering including drainage, stormwater management, water distribution, sewage collection, paving and construction services. Providing highly skilled and technologically proficient professionals at H & T Consultants gives our clients the insight to provide cost effective design solutions to exceed a client’s requirements.

Our goal is to provide comprehensive information related to land development and civil engineering requirements to save our clients valuable time and money.

H & T Consultants provides comprehensive civil engineering services to give you answers to all of your land development needs. Our services include:

Site Planning
• Site Selection and Assessment
• Site Inventory and Analysis
• Feasibility Studies
• Master Planning (Stormwater and Utility Infrastructure)
• Concurrency Management Applications
• Planned Unit Developments (PUD’s)
• Development of Regional Impacts (DRI’s)
• Commercial, Office and Retail Center Development Planning
• Residential Development Planning

Site Engineering
• Master Stormwater and Drainage System Design and Permitting
• Geometry, Grading and Paving Design
• Water Distribution and Sewage Collection System Design
• Commercial, Industrial and Residential Developments
• Local, State and Federal Regulatory and Environmental Permitting

Environmental Engineering
• Utility Availability Investigation and Studies
• Master Water Distribution System Design
• Master Sewage Collection System Design
• Manifold Pump Station Designs
• Sanitary Sewer Force Main Designs
• Water and Sewer System Permitting
• NPDES Permitting

• Access Design (Ingress / Egress from Site)
• Roadway Design and Engineering
• Parking Analysis and Design
• Traffic Circulation Analysis and Design
• Pavement Section Design
• Pavement Marking and Channelization
• Maintenance of Traffic Plans
• Roadway and Traffic Control Signage

Construction Engineering
• Construction Documents and Specifications
• Bid Phase Administration
• Construction Inspections
• Reports and Studies
• Shop Drawing Review
• Construction Certifications